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About US


I was born in 1970, due to a family dispute my grandparents were killed. My biological mother was only 17 when this happened. I was adopted by her older brother and raised as their own. Although I did know that I was adopted I really did not care until I got older. My dad was an alcoholic who was better drunk than sober when I was younger. As I got older and more independant Daddy found out that I did not need him any more. So I rebelled as all teens do, more with my mouth then anything.
When I was 7, I was sexually violated by another uncle who will remain nameless. This abuse carried on until I was about 10. I never told a soul until I was about 23. I found out that another cousin had been violated as well. When I was 15 I finally went to visit my biological mother. Scary time, she too was an alcoholic. She seemed to care more about a drink then she did my needs. I won't go into that. Let's just say my expectations were not fullfilled and I don't recommend any adopted kid visiting their biological parents if they've got huge expectations. That is when I started to rebel.
I hated both my parents and hated the fact I was adopted. My whole world crashed. I began regressing and, well honestly, I still do. OK.. well when I was 19 my dad and I had a huge fight so I moved out. I Moved in with grandma and grandpa. This totally turned my life around. I took care of them until their time of death. They taught me soo much. I could never repay them. and would never trade the time I had with them either. Well, they both have passed on So once again changes. I do not accept change well, I will say that.
I am starting a new life. I am now married and live in England. Hopefully, things can omly get better... The moral to my story.. Treat everyone with respect because some day, some time, you will have to lean on someone for help and support. If you're a nice person, people will and need them to come to your aid.

Just Because She's Special

Wanted to say that My Mom has been a really special person in my life. Over the last 33 years, My mom Connie, adopted me when I was 2 1/2 and she took a child that she just loved from the site and raised me has her own flesh and blood, I could not be any more her own child if she had given birth to me herself. Unfortunatly she had to work due to My dad was disabled and stayed home with me. Also unfortunate that there was alot she missed out on me growing up.. But nevermind.
My mom is a very strong willed person and when she gets an idea in her head there's no changing it. She's taught me how to be independant and if not for her help in the last 8 years, and our friendship building every year, stronger and stronger. I do not think I would have become as independant as I am today. She always had a job, always provided the best for me, and taught me to be kind, and not to be selfish. I had everything I could ever wanted and then some. But I've always said Thank You, and been greatful for whatever I got..and that is down to being raised by my mom.. She had Gastric bypass surgery in 2003, and helped me research having the surgery myself. If not for her, I don't think I would have had the courage to have the surgery myself.
Thanks mom for always being there when I needed you.


I was born on 4th December 1952 at Norwich, Eastern England. Grammar School educated, (Hewett School, Norwich) and then employed by Royal Mail as a maintenance engineer, a job that I still do. As a youth I was a member of the 40th Norwich Scout Group and of 231 Squadron Air Training Corps.
Other than playing computers, my main hobbies are Amateur Radio (G8IFF & KC8NHF) and following the Milton Keynes Kings and Dayton Bombers Ice Hockey teams.

How Nigel and I met

Nigel and I met in Aug. of 1998 in a common interest chatroom. Yep that is correct we met on the internet. Dating of the 90s.
He came into this chatroom and we didn't really hit it off too well. We kind of got in a argument. I can't really remember what about now. But we did. He disappeared for a few days and returned to the chatroom. We then started talking everyday and just getting to know about each other. We would not only talk in the chatroom but other various chats as well. I became very sick in Oct. of 98 and Nigel did not know me very well, even then he would send little notes through the e-mail telling me ..get better soon and other nice words.
In Jan. of 99 I became very ill and had to go to a University hospital of Cincinnati for a very dangerous test in which I almost died. Nigel..again only knowing me for a short time, called me from England to make sure I was okay. Very thoughtful. When I got better we chatted even more on line. I went to Florida to visit a some friends, mutual friends of Nigel and I, Nigel e-mailed this friend asking if I would be interested in him..and I quickly e-mailed him back...well to cut a long story short. We chatted for a while, he came to America to meet my family in Oct. of 99..and we got engaged. We then married on Aug.19th 2000.

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